The Feedback Gents / The Feedback Gents


01 Transducer
02 Breath Clash
03 Timpani
04 Hubbub
05 I’m Walrus
06 Hippopotamus
07 Hari
08 Titan
09 Froggy
10 Dawn
11 Giraffe Dance
12 Prayer
13 Leave The Motor Running

All sounds are generated by electroacoustic feedbacks with the aid of the musical instrument “Feedback Aerophonium” with which one can control the feedbacks. Every track uses a different¬† constellation of ¬†resonant objects wich are responsible for a specific partial tonality.
The music was made by walking around the objects and changing their position in the studio so the textures and spectre of the feedback.

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total duration : 54’30
audio files info : 44.1kHz, 16bit, wav
package size: 543Mo
price : 5 euros